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3 skills of a successful leader

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Jeremy Haymans and Henry Timms, authors of the bestselling New Power, identify three skills that any leader should possess.

The first skill is signaling

It is the ability to make the audience feel more powerful. So, Pope Francis after his election, going out on the balcony of St. Peter’s Cathedral, broke the tradition and did not ask for blessings from God and cardinals, and also did not bless those gathered in the square. He asked people to pray and ask God for a blessing.

Second skill – structuring

With its help, the leader creates rules and practices that help the general public to implement his initiatives and act independently. For example, Francis began the process of administrative reform, changing the structure of the Vatican Bank, giving more authority to Catholic leaders outside the Vatican and recruiting advocates of reform.

The third skill is implementation

The leader sets the direction of development and forms new norms for his audience, which will further help to implement his ideas in his absence. Thus, Pope Francis, answering questions that cause controversial reactions in church circles, emphasized the importance of mercy. He changed the prevailing paradigm of condemnation for sins to a more positive value – mercy.

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