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4 IPOs to look forward to

Investor sentiment is currently nothing to write home about. Various companies therefore decided to postpone their planned IPO, including and Coolblue. Yet there are still plenty of companies that (probably) dare to do it. These are some IPOs to look forward to.

1. Porsche: one of the largest IPOs ever in Europe

The IPO that is probably most anticipated at the moment is that of Porsche. Owner Volkswagen brings 911 million shares to the stock exchange, as a nod to Porsche’s most famous model.

Volkswagen is aiming for €76.50 to €82.50 per share. The instacart ipo release date is found online. That values Porsche at €70 to 75 billion, making it one of the largest IPOs in Europe ever. The first listing must be a fact on September 29. The share goes to the Frankfurt stock exchange. 

2. Mobileye: Still unsure

The name Mobileye will probably not immediately ring a bell, but you know owner Intel. Mobileye focuses on chips for self-driving cars and Intel has been wanting to take the subsidiary public since the end of 2021.

So far, however, it has not happened and it is not certain that an IPO will take place this year. Intel has significantly reduced expectations for the IPO, according to Bloomberg news agency. Where previously a valuation of $ 50 billion was targeted, that would now be $ 30 billion, sources told Bloomberg.

Due to the declining share prices, Intel is expected to wait a little longer until 2023 for an IPO of Mobileye.

3. Saxo Bank: IPO via SPAC

A somewhat smaller IPO, but close to home: Saxo Bank has plans to go to the Amsterdam stock exchange via an empty stock exchange shell, called a SPAC. An interesting step, since Saxo took BinckBank off the stock exchange in 2019.

Saxo aims for a market value of at least €2 billion. No new shares will be issued, but existing shareholders offer (part of) their shares. Some of Saxo’s top executives, including CEO Kim Fournais, have already announced that they want to buy additional shares.

Whether investors will warm up to the IPO remains to be seen. There are many problems at BinckBank. Customers complain about incorrectly charged charges, delayed transactions and failed payment orders. BinckBank was recently even given a conditional fine for selling too risky products to inexperienced investors. An interesting IPO to look forward to.

4. GE Healthcare: Plans back on hold

General Electric has had plans since mid-2018 to take its medical division IPO, but has not yet done so. In 2019, GE announced that an IPO no longer seemed likely, but now the company is reviving the idea anyway. In 2023, GE Healthcare should finally get a separate listing.

GE Healthcare is a direct competitor of Philips, especially in the field of MRI and CT scanners. Investors in Philips will therefore want to closely monitor developments surrounding the GE Healthcare IPO, especially after the recent price beating of the Philips share due to the many problems with ventilators.

General Electric announced that there are even plans to list the branch that focuses on sustainable energy and digital activities, among other things. This should take place in 2024. By then you can invest in three flavors of General Electric.