Goal of the Week is a FIFA 18 program that encourages players to record their best goal and share it with the entire community.

FIFA 18 does its best to keep the community engaged. One of these ways is a program called Goal of the Week. Players are invited to submit their best goals. The picked one will be shared with the whole playerbase on the official FIFA 18 Twitter page. As one can expect, the goal has to be really spectacular. Here’s what you need to do to score a Goal of the Week.

First thing that has to be done is to record a goal. It’s important to record it from the device that is used to play the game. Players can capture their goals from PC or console. It’s specifically stated that if goals are recorded with mobile devices the entry will not be valid. So remember to capture the goal from the device. The capture needs to include the entire moment of the goal. It is not enough if players get only the goal replay. Another important thing to mention is that the movie has to be submitted in the form of a YouTube clip. It’s not hard to upload movies to YouTube. Even those who have never uploaded a movie before will find this pretty easy as they are guided throughout the entire process. Capturing and uploading the goal are actually the easy parts. The most challenging part is scoring a goal worth sharing. There are lots of FIFA 18 scoring tutorials and tip videos that players can watch. Of course, training to get the move perfectly executed is more important than watching movies.

Goals are submitted on the official game website. Players need to fill in a couple of fields. The first one is the user account that will be used to identify the participant. Players will submit their gamertag or their PSN name. The next field will contain the URL of the video. The last three fields are optional. The name of the FUT 18 player  who scored the goal is one of them. The club or the team name is also an optional field. Players can also select the type of goal they scored but this is also optional. There are five goal choices – long shot, free kick, skill run, volley, skill finish – and an “other” option for all goals that don’t match these five types.

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