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How to create a safe workplace environment

When you work in places where you have to deal with dangerous chemicals or substances, nothing is more important than safety in these workplaces. How is it ensured that the workers aren’t at a safety and health risk? Is there a way to increase the safety of those workers? With the introduction of Safety Data Sheets, there is.

What is a Safety Data Sheet?

Safety for your workers in the workplace is the most important point of all. To make sure that the risk these workers take at work is as low as possible, every building is equipped with a Safety Data Sheets, or SDS. An SDS is basically a document listed with all the substances or chemicals that people have to work with in the room. Every substance is being explained what they are, what they’re made out of, and how to handle them. In this document you’ll also find instructions about what to do when someone is exposed to hazardous substances, on every document you will find emergency contact numbers if anything were to go wrong. Your employer is legally obliged to have a Safety Data Sheet in every building or area of the factory.

Where can you find an SDS?

Like written in the paragraph above, you can mostly find an SDS in factories where people work with dangerous chemicals and substances. Basically every job that involves a risk for the safety and health of people, requires a Safety Data Sheet. So if you work in construction, you’re obliged to have an SDS. Also people who work in the fire or medical department need to have an SDS available and nearby at all times. In schools and universities you’re likely to find these sheets as well, especially in schools where people are being educated to work with dangerous substances.