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Good small business to start

Good small business to start


1. Window Cleaning Company 

Window cleaning may not sound like the most glorious work, but the income is good and you are outside a lot. 


The contracts you sign as a window cleaning company give you a stable income. Usually this is with agencies or government companies that always pay their bills anyway. 




2. Making jewelry

Do you love making jewelry and have an eye for new trends? Then you can start a successful jewelry line. 


A nice webshop will help you sell your jewelry, but you can also find a local store that wants to buy your jewelry.


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3. Starting an Instagram Shop

You can easily start an Instagram shop from home or from your favorite vacation destination. 


When you choose a product that is already widely purchased and also lies within your interest, it becomes more and more fun to run your Instagram shop. Check the Google Trends page to see if your niche is popular. 


You can start a shop with a low starting budget. As long as you keep almost no stock and keep the service digital you can start without investing too much time and money.


Would you like to start an Instagram shop? With this Instagram course you will know how to set up your shop properly.




4. Sales Consult Agency

Are you someone with good communication skills and are you yet to sell a pack of air to anyone? 😛 Then maybe a Sales Agency is something for you. 


Starting such an Agency can be quite easy by just registering your name at the KVK. You only incur costs when you receive your first order, that’s the advantage of consultancy.




5. Photographer

Hiring a photographer is becoming more and more common. This already happens at weddings, but now you see it more often at other occasions. People like to get their wallets out for beautiful pictures. 


If you are handy with the camera, make a nice portfolio of your shots and present yourself as a photographer. 




6. English teacher

Are you strong in English and do you enjoy helping others with a new language. Then you can make yourself available as an English teacher. It is often a requirement that you have passed a paper for this.




7. Rental company

Do you have a large storage facility available or can you rent it? You can rent out all kinds of things. Find a niche that you find interesting and see if there is a market for it. 




8. Gardening company

Do you have green fingers and do you enjoy laying out gardens for others? 


Many people hate to maintain their garden. As a gardener you can capitalize on this.



9. Travel Consultant 

Are you crazy about beautiful trips and do you love to inspire others and challenge them to make such beautiful trips as well?


Then you can work as a travel consultant. Offering group travel is usually a more profitable niche, so you can plan the same trip for 1 large group of people at a time.




10. VA – Virtual Assistant

An assistant who only does online work. Often you are an assistant for one businessman or woman and perform all tasks online for them. 


But there are also companies that hire VAs. Especially when you have a specialty. Often it is helpful to get a piece of paper for this or to have work experience as an assistant, but this is not a requirement.




11. Start a clothing line

Do you love to make clothes or buy clothes and sell them? You know better than anyone what the latest trends are. 


Starting a clothing line and selling the clothes can be done in a physical store of your own or of a partner, but you can also keep everything online.




12. Cooking Studio

Do you love to cook and like to transfer this to others. Then perhaps a cooking studio is for you. With several cooking islands in front of you, you can pass on your knowledge to your participants.


13. Soccer board member

Are you not a soccer super talent, but do you like working in the top of the world. Then you can follow a course at the KNVB. They will train you to be a professional.


To follow a course of professional soccer you have to be affiliated with a club.




14. Soccer manager

Study the soccer market. Obtaining a degree in business & management is an advantage.


Then you need to make yourself known to soccer talents. You can also connect yourself as an intern or starter with existing soccer management companies.



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