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Madden 17 Contract Negotiation

Madden 17 has provided a lot of players with some excellent gameplay but there are little bits that seem to bother other players. These little tid bits have not always been there, but speaking of the new contract negotiation system there is room for improvement. What’s wrong? Let’s go and see. 
The Good
So what is good about the now reformed and somewhat hated contract negotiation system present in Madden NFL17? Well a neat little thing is that you don’t necessarily have a strict budget when getting a player onboard in Madden 17. What this means is that you won’t have the immediate yes from players if you have a crap tone of money in your account. You will have some difficulties when negotiating a price in Madden 17 for a player. Sadly… This is a thing that turns people off but more on that later. So basically, this time around Madden NFL 17 has a more interesting contract negotiation system available for the players. Is this for you or not? You decide. 
The Bad
And here it goes. The negotiation system for Madden NFL 17 is downright stupid. I say this because the negotiations in Madden NFL 17 don’t really have some fancy AI that replies to you based on a personality and it just feels random. You will simply get a yep or nope based on the bonus you provide. This means that Madden NFL 17 has no real deep meaning when it comes to its contract negotiation system. This is not all that important for the game, but a lot of people will find this really off putting.